Medical Placements is a recruitment company specializing in recruitment for the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare jobs. The largest companies in the industry prefer Medical Placements to source the right candidates for them. Additionally, we are level 3 BEE compliant. Therefore, you can trust us to find you a job.

With more than 10 years in recruitment and with  the medical qualifications and experience we possess, we fully understand the knowledge, skills and working experience required by our clients and candidates.

  • We are Level 1 BEE accredited and have 110% BEE recognition.
  • The owner is a doctor and therefore understands particular requirements and specifications required.
  • We specialise in providing a personal, professional service to the Employer, Recruiter and Jobseeker.
  • We represent all types of positions in the medical industry.

Additionally, the commitment of our company is to provide a professional, efficient service which will benefit Employers and Jobseekers, and will provide enhanced services to the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry.

Find medical jobs of any kind

We provide a wide-ranging database of jobs in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. You can find anything from a medical sales position to a position for  a general practitioner. Check out our list below to see which kinds of jobs are available in South Africa in the medical field.

  • Rookie Sales Representative in Cape Town
  • NICU registered nurse (Midwife)
  • Brand manager oncology
  • Registered nurse
  • Doctor detail representative
  • Regulatory affairs pharmacist
  • Pharmacy manager
  • Radiation Oncologist
  • Mobile device management
  • Neo-natal ICU Unit manager

Therefore, there are many jobs available in the medical field if you just look in the right place. Additionally, you have come to the right place. Medical placements would love to assist you in finding the perfect medical job for you, such as a general practitioner assistant.

Many companies trust us to provide them with the right candidates for the job. Therefore, Submit your CV if you believe that you are the right candidate for any of the jobs advertised on this website.